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Welcome to my Audi TT Quattro site!

DARTTH in CT      DARTTH and Serpent Impulse w/ HPI TT body

 DARTTH with Serpent Impulse HPI Audi TT Quattro

I am throwing this together as fast as I can.  I want everyone to be able to see the modifications that I have done to my TT since I got it.

I have updated quite a bit.  I have added some pictures and quite a bit of detailed information about my stereo, including a flowchart for the install!

8/06/2000:    Sorry for the delay in updating this site on a more timely fashion.  Tripod had a site size of 11mb and I filled that up way back in May!  Tripod has now upped the site size to 50mb and I should be good for at least another year.  I rearranged a few areas and added a NEW page called Accessories area to try and put like items together.

I have been to 3 QCUSA Drivers Schools since I last updated the site and have added quite a few extra "mods" to the car.
I bought a Yamaha WaveRunner and will be adding some information on that.  This is one of the reasons for the delay in my getting this site updated as well.
I have FINALLY found someone and she just so happens to have the same interests as me!  :)  I met her through AudiWorld.  It was not an intentional hook-up, it just was a nice pleasant surprise!
I will be adding more each day as I slowly get my act back together.  I have a few events to add along with various mods I have done.
I promise to have my R/C Pictures up this week too.  :)

Keep coming back and I will have more for you each time, I promise!

5/10/2000:    Sorry, but Tripod has been having trouble with my website!  I am not too happy about it either.  Hopefully it will be up and running very soon!  Please bear with me.

5/1/2000:    I added the pictures from the Northeast Audi Spring Bash from Look Memorial Park and the Yankee Candle Museum.

4/20/2000:    I rearranged some of the pages under a NEW page called TT Tuning.

Added pictures from the South East TT Club of America Rally in Highlands, North Carolina.

3/31/2000:    I added a few more things.

I added a new page called My Audi TT... it contains EVERYTHING that I have done to my car, plus ALL future mods I am planning!
I updated my links page a little.
I will be adding race results from Englishtown auto-x this weekend!  Coming Soon!

3/30/2000:    More Pictures added!

I added the Borla picture for my TTQ!  :)
Added a few more pictures to my Stereo.
Added more suspension pictures.
Detailed Borla findings Coming Soon!
Letter I am sending to Alex Borla of Borla Performance Coming Soon!

3/27/2000:    I have added the following and also updated some areas.

Added Borla installation pictures
Updated the Stereo Pictures by adding 3 more at the bottom.
I also added some pictures of Race Numbers I am going to be using this coming Auto-X and Time Trial/Drivers School Season.  These are in the Racing Stuff area.

3/16/2000:    I have now added detailed information on the following:

Chip Installation with pictures
Suspension with pictures
My R/C Cars, pictures will be coming shortly

Let me know what you think.




This page was last updated on 08/06/00.