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Larry's Audi TT Quattro WebSite

Car Cover
Cell phone
Floor Mats
Lower Dash
Owners Manual
Roof Rack
Turbo Timer
Valentine 1


As I add more and more accessories to my car I will continue to expand this page.

Valentine 1 Hard wired into the car with hidden display!
Audi Factory Car Cover.
Audi TT Roof rack.  I needed a bike attachment and was not too thrilled with how the Audi part looked and worked and figured out a way to use a Yakima setup.
The next item on my agenda was replacing the mirrors on both sides of the car with the European parts.  A friend of mine goes back and forth to Germany and is also a TT owner.  He has gotten me a few items that I will be posting in short order.
I added a hands free kit and Votex cell phone holder as well for my Motorola i1000 plus phone.
I have a set of Stratmosphere floor mats with the TT logo embroidered in them.

Future Accessories to be added to the site and the car:

German TT owners Manual with aluminum spine
German lower dash beneath steering wheel to house German owners manual
Turbo timer