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I bought the Audi Factory Roof Rack bars from Hoffmann Audi in East Hartford, CT.  I got them for a song because they were slightly damaged.  One of the feet has a slight blemish from shipping.  It is hardly noticeable unless I point it out to someone.

I was able to get a Yakima Lock-Jaw bike rack to fit onto the Audi Roof Rack bars.  It just took a little longer bolt and figuring it out on the ground!  I then took the car, rack and bike for a little test spin down to the TT Weigh-in in Reston, VA about 4+ hours away.  I did this to make sure it was secure and stable enough to travel to Lake Placid, NY later in August 2000.  The setup made the trip without so much as a hiccup!  :)

I will post more pictures as soon as I Photoshop them!