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I purchased the Audi Car Cover from a fellow AudiWorld and TT Car Club of America member, Jason.  he bought the cover before he had a garage to store his car in.  I was planning on getting a cover anyway and asked for him to bring it to North Carolina so I could see it and buy it from him.  The cover comes with a nice draw-string bag made of the same material as the cover.  The bag also has the TT logo on it.  The cover fits into the bag very nicely and easily.  The normal price for the cover is $225, plus the cable lock is extra.  I paid $175, a pretty good deal.

The following 4 pictures were taken April 24, 2000 after I had washed the car and before what is expected to be 2 days of solid rain!  I will write more tomorrow after I see how well the cover stands up to the rains.

For now, here are the pictures of the cover with the cable lock securely fastened.

Front 3/4 shot.  You can see how snug the fit is.  The cover covers the wheels almost completely.

The drivers front sports the TT emblem, it should last at least through the summer before it peels off completely.  It is like an iron-on sticker.

A side shot.  you can see the cable lock at the bottom of the door.  I pushed the cable through from the passenger side and tossed the cable under the car and affixed the lock.


The rear of the cover has a window for the license plate to show through.  In Pictures 1,3 and this one, you can see the antennae condom on the roof!  Pretty clever if you ask me.



The cover fits very well and is well fabricated.  I am still a little hesitant about the underside material being scratch resistant . . .we will see.  It looks like the back end of the cover will have enough room for the LLTek Type M spoiler I plan on adding in the near future.

If anyone wants to see any other pictures of the cover, let me know at: