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Larry's Audi TT Quattro WebSite


I would like to thank the following people and companies

for helping in some way

My Mom and Dad for putting up with all of my crap, including my TT obsession!  lol

James, my business partner in our computer consulting company,  He has allowed me to take the time away from work to perform all of the various modifications to my car.  He is slowly becoming a car enthusiast with me.  James will be doing some major modifications to his new Corvette, beginning with a Corsa Indy exhaust and then upping the output to 500hp +/- !

Robert Duggan of Porsche+Audi of Wallingford, in Wallingford, CT.  This is where I bought my TTQ and had a very good purchasing experience with them.  Everyone was very nice throughout the entire process of getting the car.  If anyone is in the market for an Audi, I can highly recommend calling Robert!

Jenner who I met through the website.  He has become a very good friend of mine.  Together we have batted ideas back and forth on different modifications to do to our cars.  I was able to test drive his TTQ with a Garrett chip and H&R Sport Springs.

Garrett Lim of Garrett Integrated Automotive Corp. fame.  Garrett always took the time out of his busy day to answer all of my e-mails and telephone calls.  Garrett would take the time to actually call me from either his home in CA or PA.  He gave me very good advice and told me the pros and cons of his chips and also those of his competitors.  He was very open and honest when it came to critiquing his own chips.  I appreciated that more than anything else.

Todd Sager at Air & Water Enterprises who performed the Garrett install and H&R Sport Spring installations.  Todd allowed me full access to his shop while the work was performed on my car so I could take the pictures that you see on this website.  He also gave me good advice on future modifications for my car.  From brake upgrade to a 3 gauge cluster.

Cain Bussolini of Tweeter, etc.  Cain took the time and had the patience to explain the different stereo equipment that would and would not work in my car.  I gave him some pretty strict guidelines that he had to follow and he was able to get the installation done within those guidelines.

Chris Pound of Tweeter, etc.  Chris is the person responsible for the actual installation of my stereo.  Chris helped Cain and I finalize the equipment choices that we had made.  Chris was able to get the Kenwood head unit to fit into the car as though it came from the factory.  I really appreciate the time and effort that Chris and Cain put into the install.  They both stayed late every night for an entire week getting my car finished for me by Friday March 3, 2000.  I had to wait until 1am until the car was completed to Chris' satisfaction!  Cain and Chris didn't want me to even see the car until it was totally completed!  They had to allow me in to see the car by 9pm, the store was closing!  lol  The results speak for themselves.  It was well worth the wait.

Mike Levesque owner of J&M Corvettes of Manchester, CT.  Mike helped with the Borla Group Buy that Jenner and I arranged in February 2000.  With all of the problems and difficulties that we had with Borla Performance as a company, Mike was there to help us get it all straightened out.  Mike also installed the Corsa Indy exhaust into James' C5 Corvette.