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Larry's Audi TT Quattro WebSite



Larry's' Borla Exhaust Install as performed at J&M Corvettes in Manchester, CT

Stock muffler.  you can see the Haldex directly behind the muffler.  Also take note of the red H&R Sport Springs!

The entire exhaust system.  Don is propping up the front of the exhaust before removing the exhaust.

Better view of the pre-muffler and Haldex support bracket.


Don is lowering the stock exhaust  from my TTQ.  It comes out in one piece as all of the connections are welded!



Looking rearward without the muffler in place.  On the left of the heat shield, Jenner pointed out that the car is all ready for a dual exhaust!  Notice the cutout?

Stainless Steel 2 1/4" pipe clamp still in its packaging.

The Stainless Steel clamp before it is bent around the exhaust pipe on my car.


Another view of the clamp before being bent around the exhaust pipes.



The Borla muffler being lifted into position and into the rubber grommets that will support it.

The clamp bent into position before being tightened down.

Don has begun tightening the clamp, you can begin to notice it "sealing" around the pipes!

The final product!  Look at that "exhaust tight" fit.  I won't be getting ANY leaks from this connection!

The muffler has now been centered in the valance opening and the clamp is tightened in place.

You can see the entire exhaust from this view.

Close-up of the Borla Tip.


The back of my TTQ.