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Larry's Audi TT Quattro WebSite



Mark's Borla Exhaust Install

The stock Audi TT Quattro exhaust tip.  In this picture you can see the following:

From Left to right
Mark B, Larry(kneeling, taking picture), Jeff R. and Jenner

The Borla laid out before the installation

Another picture of the Borla


The Borla as it will appear from above and behind.



The stock Audi TT Quattro exhaust.  You can see the Haldex in the center right behind the MASSIVE muffler.

Did you notice the H&R Sport Springs that Mark has installed?  They are RED incase you missed them!

I tried to get the entire exhaust into this picture.


A picture from the front of the car towards the back to get the entire stock exhaust in the shot.



The stock Audi TT Quattro after being removed from the car.

The Borla muffler being placed onto the rubber hangars by the guys at J&M Corvettes in Manchester, CT

The Borla Muffler just about in place on the rubber hangars.


J&M Corvette does not EVER use the cheap pipe clamps that come with after-market exhausts, they use these amazing clamps instead.  Please note that the clamp is ROUND!



The clamp is NOT round anymore!  It is a much better seal than the standard U-Clamp that comes with the Borla and most other after-market exhaust systems.

The finished product.  This is the Borla exhaust tip in all of its chrome and stainless steel beauty!  :)

The TT now on the ground and ready for ACTION!

Mark, I hope you enjoy it!