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Stereo Installation Pictures

As performed by Chris Pound of Tweeter, etc.

Click on any of the photos to see a more detailed picture.

This is the TTQ trunk before the install begins

Drivers side Bose speaker, you can see the rear seats are gone and so is the cup holder!

Drivers side Bose speaker and also most of the hatch area.  You can also see the place where the Boston crossovers will be placed.

Drivers door minus the skin!  Even underneath the TT is aluminum and beautiful!



Passengers side door close-up of where the BostonAcoustics Pro  6.5 separates will be going.



Passenger door skin and the placement of the BostonAcoustics fitment ring.

Passenger door skin and the placement of the second BostonAcoustics fitment ring & speaker connectors.

Passenger door and the placement of the BostonAcoustics fitment ring & speaker connectors.

BostonAcoustics 6.5 Pro speaker installed in the Passenger door skin.

Passenger door skin showing the cables going from the door to the BostonAcoustics 6.5 Pro.


Custom connector that will allow the door skins to be removed if any work would need to be performed.  The connectors are inside each door and connected to the Monster Cable.


Another picture of the custom connector.



A close-up of the custom connector with the waterproof boot that goes over all of the connectors.

 The custom connector in the passenger door.  You can see the BostonAcoustics magnet on the left covered with the factory protection.


The custom connector all hooked up before the door skin got reattached.  You can see the BostonAcoustics magnet at the bottom of the photo covered with the factory protection. 


Some of the cables being run along the drivers side door sill towards the back of the car.

The custom sub/amp/cd changer box.

The custom sub/amp/cd changer box.


The custom sub/amp/cd changer box.



The custom sub/amp/cd changer box.

The back of the custom enclosure, this is from inside the car and will eventually be covered.  You can see the cd changer in the center and the subs on either side of it.

A close-up look of the drivers side sub.  You can also see the bolt in the bottom corner that is actually attached to the car.


A close-up of the passenger sub and how the enclosure is connected to the TT.  


Close-up look of the Kenwood KDC-CX82 CD Changer.  The power cord is coming in on the right.

The bolts are 10mm and can be removed using the factory supplied wrench!  The bolt is going down to where the tie-down hook used to be.

Taken from the back of the car, this is the xtant 603x amp with the cover removed.  Chris still had some tuning to finish.


The xtant 603x cover is now on and awaiting the final touches.


The stereo is now complete.

The plexi-glass amp cover with two aluminum cooling vents on either side are added by Chris as a finishing touch!  The amp really looks good under glass.

A closer look of the finished enclosure.


A picture taken from directly behind.  Not easy keeping ME out of the reflection in the amp!  lol


I folded down the rear seats to reveal a surprise that Chris added as a nice finishing touch!

If you are trying to read the sign:




Just more shots of the back seats folded down


Taken from the drivers side this time.


Not easy getting into the middle of a TT and back far enough to get a head on picture.

I took two to make sure that one came out.

A close-up of the xtant 603x amp without the cover on it.


A close-up of the

 BostonAcoustics Pro 8.5LF


A close-up of the Kenwood excelon KDC-CX82 CD Changer.  It is surrounded by black plexi-glass.

The BostonAcoustics passive crossovers for the Pro 6.5's.  Chris mounted the crossovers on a board.

Chris found a very convenient hiding place for the crossovers.  The opening was here and is above the drivers side rear spring/shock.  It is out of the way and easily accessed if needed.


The crossovers on their mounting board and installed in there hiding place!



The crossovers already installed, you can see the hatch gasket above for a referance.

The TT aluminum door does close whether the radio is playing or not!  can you see anything that is NOT factory in this picture?

The aluminum door opened and the Kenwood MASK revealed!  This is actually the face, flipped over.


I had an accessory outlet installed into one of the empty buttons above the radio.  I hated having to leave my ashtray open to charge my cell phone.  It is a Radio Shack part.



My cell phone plugged into my nw accessory outlet.

Close-up of the cell phone plugged into its new home.

The front of the Kenwood excelon KDC-X911 head unit


The head unit and the accessory adapter both open.


The entire car opened up for you to see!

Chris Pound my installer at 1:30am Saturday March 4, 2000 and my awesome sounding TTQ!

Chris and my custom stereo that he had just finished installing.


Chris and my custom stereo that he had just finished installing.


Chris and Cain Bussolini after the installation was finished and the tuning was completed.

I added a nice finishing touch to the Xtant Amp cover.  I had an etched reverse sticker made for me to install on the underside of the plexi-glass.

I think it gives a really nice finishing touch to the installation.  The TT is centered and matches the radio  aluminum cover!


You can see the TT gives a nice depth from the reflection onto the Xtant Amp stainless steel cover.


Kenwood CD Changer without the plexi-glass surround.  After this was taken I switched out the changer for the the KDC-X85.  Mine had been skipping!

Another picture of the old changer before it was swapped out.

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