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Install Page 1

Garrett Chip Installation Pictures

Photos of my Garrett Chip installation as performed by

Todd Sager of AWE-Tuning

Click on any of the photos to see a more detailed picture

Once the front cowling was lifted out of the way, Todd removed the two plugs going into the ECU.

This is the ECU with the cover removed.  The chip is the rectangle at the top center.

Todd takes two flat-bladed soldering irons and puts them on either side of the chip.  He melts the solder to remove the factory chip.


Here Todd is soldering on the Garrett socket that will be used to accept the new Garrett chip.



Todd is finishing up the soldering on the outside connections of the socket onto the ECU.

Todd is finishing up the soldering on the inside connections for the socket onto the ECU.

Todd is cleaning off any excess flux and solder.


The New Garrett chip being flashed in an EPROM burner.


The New Garrett Chip and socket before installation into my TTQ.

A close-up of the program after it finished flashing my EPROM.

The finished product installed into my ECU before having the cover closed and placed back into my TTQ.