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I made an appointment with Todd at AWE for him to do the spring and chip install.  I had this work performed down in Philadelphia two weeks ago, and wow, what a huge difference!  Since I have my Nokian "Haks" snow tires on, I am still not able to get the ultimate in performance out of the car. . .yet!  I have been able to push the car for what the tires can take: I tried a few acceleration runs to see what the car could do; and I did a few launches from 4000 rpm and was thrown back into my seat from the power.  I could not believe how much this has changed the demeanor of my car!  I am looking forward to taking off these tires and putting back on the 17" Bridgestones and stock wheels.  I want to see how this car really handles!

I promised to give my analysis on the "problems" with the TTQs.  I am very happy with how the car handles and drives at high speeds.  The car is very stable, unlike what has been said and written all over the web and in the press.  I don't think that there is an inherent problem with the suspension of the car.  I do believe that the car could use a rear spoiler, just not the one that Audi came up with.  I think that they should have put more thought into the design, and even asked one of the actual designers that worked on the TT to give a sample idea.  I find it hard to believe one of them came up with this!

I have made a decision that I will be getting a spoiler of some sort, most likely the M-type developed by LLTek.  I also like the idea of releasing the underbody turbulent air that gets locked behind the rear bumper.  Supposedly this is what is causing the rear lift of the car at speed.  I have seen, and actually like the Caracter redesign of the rear bumper.  It has an open slot in the bumper that is designed just for this.  I would like to add these two items once I have done some more reading on their effectiveness.

I am waiting for the delivery of my Borla exhaust, and will have it installed some time between March 18th and 25th.  I will have pictures and another write-up afterwards.

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