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All of the photos that I took while in North Carolina.

My room at the Kelsey & Hutchinson Lodge taken from the dressing area.

My room taken from the front doorway.

Mark and I parked alongside the waterfall.


Another view of Mark and DarTTh along the waterfall.



One more shot, Mark and DarTTh

Ivan joined us and took up the rear.

Ivan, DarTTh and Mark


DarTTh parked all alone outside my room.  That is where Cliff stayed, he had the room on the right.



Brett and Jason parked in front of the main Lodge.

Jason before we left for the drive.  He has the LLTek quad exhaust.  it sounds very good!

My Wide Angle lens to get all of the TT's in one shot.


Cliff and Ivan in front of the Main Lodge.



More TT's!

That is Jurgen on the left with his DenimAviator TT and Wiley in the Middle with his Denim/Denim TTQ

Trying a picture while driving!  Ivan in front of me.


A TT parade as far as the eye can see.



Beautiful scenery . . .and the trees are nice too!

That is Zorro (Ivan) in front of me.

The parking lot where we gathered for pictures







This was taken for Denny!


We know how much she loves this view of the TT's!



The waterfall that Mark, Ivan and I stopped at along the road.


On my way home I stopped to take a few pictures with DarTTh under this fall right on Rt. 64!












I love this one too.

My favorite picture of my TT . . .so far!






This is what Rhonda's Honda del Sol looked like after she lost control on a wet mountain road.

She hurt her back after rolling and doing a slight pirouette on the right front bumper.

I talked to her a few days later and the car was totaled.  She is going to see another doctor for her back, but she should be ok.