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These are the pictures of my Deist Safety 6pt Racing Harness and Stable Energies Shoulder Harness Bar.

The Stable Energies Harness Bar is a prototype, that is why it is not powder-coated yet.  The finished product will actually allow for the rear seats to be put back up with the bar still in the car!  I will post the updated pictures once the bar is available in a few weeks.

Stable Energies is where I purchased the Deist Safety 6pt Harness and all of the hardware for the installation.  I still have the passenger harness to install.  I will post the pictures from that install when I finish it.

I still need to get the straps to the proper length and then cut them.  Once I finish the install I will post pictures of the entire car with both harness and the updated Harness Bar.  If anyone is interested in one of these Shoulder Harness Bars for the Audi TT; any version, please contact me at I will pass along the information to Stable Energies.  If you want to contact them directly, send mail to Bob and say that I sent you.

Front seat at the floor before 2 pt anti-sub belts are installed.

Outside stock seatbelt will still be usable after the install.


I removed the plastic cap that covers the anchor bolt.

The inside of the drivers seat before the lap belt is installed.


This is the rear view of the Shoulder Harness Bar.  it mounts at the two points of the rear seats.

A closer look at the mounting of the Shoulder Harness Bar.


Up-close look at how the Shoulder Harness Bar is attached using the factory seat anchor!  The updated bar will allow the seats to fold back up!

All of the Deist Safety Harnesses  and hardware all laid out before installation.


Close-up of the Deist Safety Harness I will use for the passenger seat.

Close-up of the Deist Safety Harness I used for the drivers seat.


The Deist Safety Harness all hooked together and laid out for view.

Close-up of the Deist Safety latch.


The finished product in my TTQ!

Another angle of the 6pt Deist Safety Harness.


From the passenger side.  Take a close look and you can see that the factory seat-belt can still be latched, even with the 6pt hooked up!

Another picture from the passenger side.  you can see my 1990 Nissan 4x4 King Cab in the background.


Last picture of the harness from this angle.

Close-up of the eye-bolt at the drivers door.  With this I can remove this strap if I want to.


The shoulder harnesses attached to the Stable Energies Harness Bar.



Passenger Side Pictures from here forward



This is the inside bracket.  I had to put about a 1/2" slice in the carpet in order to slide the bracket to align with the bolt hole.

I knew from the drivers side exactly how I need to get this bracket to fit properly.  I angled it 90* to the seat and have the square opening facing away from the transmission tunnel.

The outside bracket required a "T" slice in the carpet.  I was then able to slide the bracket under the carpet and aligned with the bolt hole.

Just a closer look.

In this view you can see the floor mat anchor point to the right.

You can see the eye-bolt that I replaced the stock shoulder bolt with.  I will be installing the harness lap belt with a removable clip.

More coming soon!