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Here is the installation of my Bailey valve.  I blew my valve at the Watkins Glen QCUSA Drivers School.  I must have been spending too much time at 7,000 rpm in 3rd gear doing about 85-90mph!  It was making all sorts of noises on my way back to the hotel after the first day.

I purchased my Bailey Valve from AWE-Tuning in Philadelphia.  Todd has become the North American importer for Bailey Valves.  The installation took under 5 minutes to install the actuall valve, but total time to complete the install included disconnecting the ECU for 15 minutes to wipe out the computer memory of running poorly.  I did the install before the second day of the Summit Point QCUSA Drivers School.  I brought the valve with me and the car was running so poorly the first day and was too hot to change the valve that I waited until the following morning to change it.

I actually forgot to take a picture of the stock valve while it was installed in the car!  lol

This is the packaging as it came from AWE-Tuning

These are all of the pieces that are needed to install the valve.  The valve came with two high quality zero clamps and an AWE Racing sticker!

Close-up of the Bailey Valve



Comapring the Bailey with the stock valve

The Bailey installed in the car.