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BostonAcoustics 6.5 ProSeries System

  6.5 System - ProSeries Components
6.5 System


ProSeries .5 components are to car speakers what the silver back male gorilla is to the rest of the group—the dominant member of the species. They can handle gobs of power without distortion. And they maintain a Nebraskan-flat frequency response. There are four ProSeries component systems. Each includes two Neo 5t 1-inch tweeters, several tweeter mounting kits, hardware, grilles, system-specific crossovers, and woofers designed to fit one of three factory cutouts. ProSeries rigid die-cast aluminum baskets serve two purposes. They act as a heat sink to help decrease heat and increase power handling. And they keep critical parts in perfect alignment, even when subjected to the stresses of installation and jarring road conditions.
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USMSRP $450.00/Pair  



Product Name Frequency Response (3dB in car) Nominal Size System Type USMSRP
6.5³ System 50-22,000Hz 6-1/2" (woofer) 3-way $750.00
6.5 System 50-22,000Hz 6 1/2 - inch 2-way $450.00
5.5 System 60-22,000Hz 5-1/4" 2-way $440.00
4.5 System 85-22,000Hz 4" 2-way $400.00


6.5 System - ProSeries Components Full Product Specifications
Nominal Size 6 1/2 - inch
Recommended Amplifier Power 20-400 watts
Nominal Impedance 3 ohm
Frequency Response (3dB in car) 50-22,000Hz
Mounting Cutout Diameter 5" (127mm)
Mounting Depth 2-3/8" (60mm)
Mounting Depth with Spacer 2-1/16" (52mm)
System Type 2-way

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