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After driving my car at Lime Rock at a QCUSA Driver School and losing my brakes once too many times on the street I have decided to replace the ENTIRE Brake setup at the front of DarTTh.  I did some research into the matter of brake improvement.  I tossed aside the idea of just swapping out the brake pads after talking to some fellow TT owners and also looking at the TT brakes themselves.  I have come to a conclusion that the brakes on this car do not belong on this car.  The brakes are designed for a car that weighs about 500 pounds less than a 180TTQ, that being a VW Golf.  Even though the rotors are larger by about 1-2" the calipers are still a single piston unit and are lacking in efficiency and proper dissipation of heat.

The venting part of the rotors I feel is also lacking in its application.  I saw the holes at the bottom of the stock rotors and how they fit in nice and tight to the wheel hub.  I don't see how the air is escaping from these confined quarters as efficiently as should be taking place.

A single piston caliper is also a joke in the year 2000 when companies are readily making 2,4,6,8 and now even 10 piston calipers for very little money.  The S4 even comes with a set of 2 piston calipers and the TT is supposed to be Audi's answer to the Boxster, S2000 and M Coupe/Roadster/Z3!  Those cars have brakes, why should the TT not?

After some debate within my own head I decided to go for the AP Racing calipers and rotors that Camra Motorsports offers.  The calipers are the CP5200 street version of their race series of calipers.  The rotors that I chose are the 330 mm x 28 mm vented with 8 race slots to dissipate brake pad gases that build up between the pad and the rotor.  The rotors are made by Coleman.  Also as part of the kit are Stainless Steel brake lines for the front along with Mintex C-Tech 1144 brake pads.  I added Mintex RedBox brake pads to the rears at this time and also continued to use ATE Super Blue brake fluid.

Below are all of the pictures of the installation as performed by Bob Miller of Ridgeway Service Center in Stamford, CT.  203 359 2326.  Everything was purchased from Andrew Moffat of Camra Motorsports.

Here are ALL of the pictures of the installation, both before, during and after.

I had these installed on July 24, 2000.  I got to really put them to the test at my next QCUSA Drivers School at Summit Point, WV.  The brakes were nothing short of awesome.  I need to get my confidence back after being scared at both Lime Rock and Watkins Glen because of brake failure.  I should be at Watkins Glen in October 2000 and will be pushing the brakes for all they are worth!

This is the basic AP Racing "kit".  It consists of a Rotor, AP Racing Caliper, bracket, SS Brake line and Mintex C-Tech 1144 brake pads

Same as the first picture.

Same as first two pictures except with side shot of the caliper.

AP Racing Caliper close-up



Colerman 330 mm x 28 mm rotor with custom aluminum hat to fit the TT offset and bolt pattern.

Closer picture of the rotor

Back view of the AP Racing caliper

Another shot of the caliper



Front and back view of the AP Racing calipers.  I don't have a comparison of the calipers, but the AP Racing calipers are at least half the weight of the stock single piston TT calipers!

Just a picture to show the relationship of the caliper to the rotor.

Another shot of the same

Comparison of the AP Racing/Coleman 330 mm rotor to the stock Audi TT 312 mm rotors. I didn't actually weigh the rotors, but the stock rotors seemed to be twice the weight of the AP Racing/Coleman rotors.


Passenger front wheel showing how much room is taken up by the factory brakes.

Close-up of the caliper and rotor in the stock setup.






Stock brakes before being removed.  This is the passenger side.

Head-on shot of the caliper and rotor and how little air actually gets into the brake pads and caliper for cooling.

Everything removed before installation begins.

The rotor was fitted and the wheel was test fitted so I could  get a picture.  :)

The rotor and caliper are on and look just awesome!

Close-up of the setup.  The brake line still needs to be installed and everything needs to be checked for proper fitment.


Another shot of the brakes

The entire system and wheel well is in view here.

The Stainless Steel lines are now in place, the next step is making sure the brake lines clear the wheel and nothing is being interfered with.

Head-on shot of the brakes.  Look how much airflow gets to the rotor and brake pads.  These brakes are going to be able to dissipate the heat!  :)


Close-up of the AP Racing caliper and rotor.

Final fitment before bleeding the brakes.  Everything clears with not too much room to spare!

Close-up of the wheel with the AP Racing setup inside.

Drivers side rotor installed.



Rotor and caliper installed, next step are the brake lines.

Another shot of the drivers side setup.

Everything is finished, now to bleed the brakes after a test fitting.

Close-up of the Drivers side setup.

Picture from under the car of the caliper bracket and AP Racing caliper.

Close-up of the bracket and caliper.